The Short Story Advent Calendar returns, not a moment
too soon, to spice up your holidays with another collection
of 24 stories that readers open one by one on the
mornings leading up to Christmas.

This year's stories once again come from some of your favourite writers across the continent—plus a couple of new crushes you haven't met yet. Most of the stories have never appeared in a book before. Some have never been published, period.

The 2016 Short Story Advent Calendar includes stories from:

  • Anakana Schofield (Martin John)
  • Daniel Handler (Adverbs, Lemony Snicket)
  • Sheila Heti (How Should a Person Be?)
  • Charles Demers (Vancouver Special, CBC's The Debaters)
  • Katie Coyle (Vivian Apple at the End of the World)
  • plus [redacted x 19]!

Like last year, the calendar is available in a one-time print run, which means that once it's gone, it's gone forever. Each chapbook is sealed, so you won't know what story you're getting until the morning you open it. The collection also includes a gorgeous full-colour slipcase—the better to be displayed on your shelves, or those of someone you love, for years to come.

All December long we'll be posting interviews with the author of each day's story. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and follow the conversation by using the hashtag #ssac2016.

Now here’s a new and strange idea!
— Margaret Atwood
The Short Story Advent Calendar has infused the Christmas countdown with an amazing literary spirit and readers are thoroughly invested in the project.
— Kerry Clare, 49th Shelf
Yes, I love chocolate: but a new short story every day? That’s way more satisfying.
— Western Living Magazine (Editor's Choice)
Whaaaat?!? Do they make this every year? WANT.
— Patton Oswalt
It’s this December’s literary gift that keeps on giving.
— Daybreak Alberta (CBC Radio)